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IBM Going Away Party friends had for me after I had been accepted into IBM's Cooperative Education program. This was during my Junior and Senior years of college at Oklahoma State University, during 1990-1991. So, the pictures had to have been taken during the Spring of 1990. I have no idea what order the pictures were taken. I did not take them and I'm not real sure who did (I forget).. musta been someone that was half sober LOL. :)

IBM Party-01IBM Party-01
IBM Party-02IBM Party-02
IBM Party-03IBM Party-03
IBM Party-04IBM Party-04
IBM Party-05IBM Party-05
IBM Party-06IBM Party-06
IBM Party-07IBM Party-07
IBM Party-08IBM Party-08
IBM Party-09IBM Party-09
IBM Party-10IBM Party-10
IBM Party-11IBM Party-11
IBM Party-12IBM Party-12
IBM Party-13IBM Party-13
IBM Party-14IBM Party-14
IBM Party-15IBM Party-15